• TO YOU

    Dear loves, When clouds above stormy and grey and thunderstorms rob thee of happiness PRAY When tusnamis of life threaten and disrupt fear not, the Lifeguard will rescue thee, PRAY When the daily struggle of recovery is threatened by those in judgement of thee utter foolish words that hurt thee, PRAY Doubt not in the […]

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    You kissed my soul words and actions caressed and inflamed me. KEEPER OF MY SOUL Our heart beats align in ecstacy, I adore you, I yearn for you, I am captivated by you. When our hearts and souls align the light of love outshines the stars above, our love is true; gifts of loyality, truth, […]

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    May the light of love pave the way on whatever path in life you journey. May the burdens you face be of a learning unto thee that hope and faith the driving force in order to grow and bloom to where you are meant to be. May the love, loyalty and home you seek be […]

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    Umbilical cord of safety severed drastically, wailing cries of seperation; alienated, a rude awakening the world intrudes. Grasping hands, deafening speech, erosion of heart and soul, foul creatures of wordly means. Birthed into chaos and calamity, dire circumstances daily challenges ursurp thy dignity. You see me, You hear my pleas, You comfort me. You love […]

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  • BE THE (2)

    Welcoming warmth of fire burning merrily, an invitation to those who brave the winter seasons of life daily. BE THE Host who graciously serves soul food unselfishly kindness, compassion, acknowledgement of “I see, I hear and accept thee.” BE THE Champion and guide to all who are wearied encourage all to have faith and positivity. […]

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  • BE THE

    …. Vessel, the container of hope and light in the darkness of anothers soul. BE THE Vigilante of silence when those who seek a sanctuary of quieted peace. BE THE Bearer of truth and encouragement for their sake, not for thy own noterity. BE THE Humbled person who seeks others happiness above all else. BE […]

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