A smile, a greeting acknowledegement of I see thee. LITTLE THINGS of peace and prosperity hosted sanctuaries of healing grace, sacred spaces in time, a quieted place. LITTLE THINGS a tender approach of loving hand, tender smile of inner peace, tender voice; the wooing gifts trivial might seem, starved there no longer be. LITTLE THINGS […]

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    ….. with sleepy passion of early morn, as the sun awakens and dew drops kiss creation, so too I kiss you. as the coffee brews rich, enticing, full bodied aromas of you. I LOVE YOU in the quiet moments when you are at peace with me. within the turbulent storms of life, be assured that […]

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    ….. frozen, emotional handicap of heart, mind and soul; loving warmth enticed and enfolded me. Teasing whispers of encouragement wooed me with a purity of love I’d never believe. Where sadness and pain the emotional cripple I’d be, beacons of light and love guided me. With toddlers steps I embrace the invitation to be free […]

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    ….. testing grounds of faith, love and loyality. Courage, the discarding of “lifejackets,”- the uncertainties. SHALLOW WATERS the foundation of loving, learning life, it is with beckoning depths of intensity and passionate infusions of esquisite beauty I venture forth to whatever awaits me. ©PSA 8/5/22

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    ….. may your breath sustain you as you brave the depths of the deep. May truth of heart and soul be the promises you intend to keep. Let not THE LURE fool thee, for hidden depths await thee. May you cherish the hidden pearl she religiously guards, lesser have failed in their wants and needs. […]

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    …. mere footprints of insanity, prisoner of wordly means. Learning creativity of acceptance and too of rejection a necessity for serenity. Self indulgence, pampering of heart, soul and mind a top priority. Meditation the gift of relaxation; of release, a foundation of healing upon which a blessed faith of whate’er the future holds is of […]

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