Coin Flip

lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

Coin Flip

I always knew that our love would be dicey.
You were sea lion slippery and piquant and spicy.
Your imposition into my calm life
was bound to cause turmoil and probably strife.

But you brought excitement and offered a piece
of pleasure that lasted devoid of surcease.
Both sides of the coin I was willing to share,
watching the disc as it spun in the air.

Heads you were up and tails you were down.
One side slightly clouded, but one a bright clown.
The cusp of your mood I could certainly bear
for the promise of future bright times we would share.

Until that final coin toss when you spun away
with no possibility of a next play.
Your coin sitting silent upon a high shelf
while I learn to toss the coin for myself.

Prompt words today are sea lion, imposition, piquant and piece

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