...... it was a mere whisper,
it was in the quiet sanctuary
of my dreams. It was there
my heart and soul awakened
to the melodies you sang 
to me. It was the dance of
hearts and souls danced
amoursly. I heard you call
to me, the teasing whispers
your heart sang to me. Elated,
willingly I reach for thee;
lovingly with possessive touch
you greet me. It was of freedom
and love the gifts I cherish; 
heart and soul gifts - the
uniqueness of thee. Tempted,
 I follow happily. It was
a dream.....
With you is where I yearned
to be, our journey together
I adore you are my
peace in the storms,
my love, my partner,
my home when I wander
aimlessly. You are my light
in the darkness when tired
I yearn for sleep. So too I
gift my heart and soul
essences to thee. 
...... it was the choreography
of our dreams and now
joyously we dance 
wild and free.
©️PSA 31/3/22.


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