Chand ka tukda*


There was much consternation in the family when he had said “yes” to her.

It was an arranged meeting set up by his maternal grandfather. Even though his parents were reluctant to go ahead with his ‘seeing’ the girl, as she was dark-complexioned, they couldn’t say no to his grandfather.

He had found her utterly charming, witty as well as feisty. He could easily see himself spending his life with her.

“But bhaiya**, why did you say yes? asked his younger sister curiously. “You know mom wants a chand ka tukda jaisi bahu!” ***

He laughed heartily and replied,”But choti****, she is chand ka tukda! When you look at her you realise, it is a moon wrapped up in brown paper.”

Looking at her bewildered expression, he winked conspiratorially, “You won’t understand, choti!” Then added, “Just wait till you meet her then you will know.”

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