VERSE 1: All over the world the
Spirit is moving. All over the world
as the prophets said it would be.
All over the world there’s a mighty
revelation of the glory of the Lord.
As the waters cover the sea.
= ©️Tim J. Spencer/ Green Panda
Music 2020=
PRAYER: Thank You, gracious Father
for the many wonders You favour us
with. Amen
REFLECTION: ” The glory of the Lord,”
infinite, everlasting, ever vigilant –
Triune God – blessed Holy Spirit –
Guide, Intercessor, Protector.
Son – Lamb of God, Servant, Lord
of all. Father – Creator, King above
all kings, Redeemer. Heaven and
earth are full of Thy glory, HALLELUJAH!
THOUGHT: The glory of the Lord ever
evolving, everlasting, why then do we
doubt in Him? Let us acknowledge
His favour in all we think, do and say.
PRAYER: Be merciful, O Father to
all who fail to acknowledge the
glory of Thee. Grant us the steadfast
servitude unto Thee, and in so doing
unite to be Your workers in building
Your Kingdom. All praise and glory
be unto Thee, now, and all eternity.
©️PSA 13/1/21.

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