AMOS 4: 6 – 13
LUKE 20: 27 – 40.
Lord, thank You that we may
( at all times) come before Thee
in prayer. Amen
What comes from the heart…
The inner sanctuary God knows
of. May our sins, rebellious acts
against Thee be our pleas for
Thy forgiveness, O Lord. Through
denial of God’s laws and decrees
we are guilty of crimes against Him.
At times we question Him, therefore
we are reminded of our frailty of
faith at times. For, in humbled
servitude and gratification we
hunger for being worthy of
counted among those who
arise from death – to be with Thee.
Father, Teacher, guide and prosper
all who are children of Thee. Help
us, Father to repent of our sins
committed knowingly and
unknowingly against Thee.
For Thine is the Kingdom, The
Power and the Glory, forever
and ever.
©️PSA 3/12/20.

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