Mythical, magical, moments
lush fields of greenery a – sprinkled
they be, bursting blooms
rainbows alight the day. Saturating
warmth, the sun doth shine; nature’s offering so sublime. Flimsy,
featherlike whispering caress;
fairies there be, frolicking so
daintily. Exquisite beauty gracefully
adorn, mounted unicorn in celebration
to greet fairy prince, a suitor in
wedded bliss to be. Eyes alight,
hearts aflame for a journey of
beloved togetherness awaits thee.
Fireflies so bright they shine
setting sun in peace now repose,
blessed day in celebration now
encore. ‘ TIS A FAIRYTALE?
Beauty there forever be
love united in hearts companionably.
‘TIS A FAIRYTALE within and without
lovers aligned without a doubt.
©️PSA 24/11/20.

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