Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Internal wars fought

battle scars there be,

abusive behaviour, illness, be it physically or mentally; ravages of war undoubtedly.

Shrouded mystery, shrouded in misery – lest judgements there be – added ammunition to

a soul wearied warrior, a daily strife. For injustice randomly dispensed – hate speech, ignorance, cultural abuse, body shaming, physical and mental abuse – powder kegs of destruction waiting to ignite, weapons of war, weapons of spite? A CALL TO ARMS decisive it be self worth, self love, self acceptance – weapons of retaliation there be within all – most assuredly. Courageous warrior take up the fight let darkness no longer remain for the light of recovery there be, hope for victory.

= Internal struggles of many we know not of=

©️PSA 2/10/20.

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