Exotic aromas – salty breeze

ripe laden fruits, gushing decadence

of honey tipped allurement.

Caressing, teasing ebb and flow

welcoming tides envelop sultry

nakedness, sensuality on display,

sensual touch of a lover….

orgasmic delight; touching, tasting

purring sounds mingled with guttural

moans lovers’ sensual appetites

openly on display…. sultry softness,

sultry invitation – manly hardness

embedded deep within; frenzied

moans fill the air. Hypnotic back

and forth, teasing invasion of

utter delight…. nails raking muscle

bound lover such sensual delight.

Thrusting hips envelop rock hard

manliness deeper within,

Purring ecstasy, guttural moans;

orgasmic climax of lovers

sensuality, shared exoticness

lover’s enchantment, sated

satisfaction a prelude to

a nightly swim.

©️ PSA 8/9/20.

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