Journeys of togetherness
seasons of celebrations,
seasons of joyousness;
foundations of togetherness,
the willingness of sharing
our gifted blessings to many
we meet. An encore (this Valentines) day, a goal to be strived for to apply each day;
for love, compassion, understanding a daily feat
it forever will be…the acknowledgment of
WE ALL ARE WORTHY OF LOVE, yeah 365days it takes, you see, always and forever a dualistic effort in today’s society. For therein the truth reside all we are too lax in our efforts to provide the love, compassion, the empathy, Or egos, status the order of the day…..”each to their own as they say,” VALENTINES aplenty ….race, color, status the burdens we face. Come on people sacrifice what needs to be….LET US ALL be part of a united gathering, for blessings unbound we daily receive, is it not time TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE?

©️PSA 14/2/20.

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