Coveted within
collaborative scenarios,
buried, covered lest
thereby ridiculed.
Words, actions
barbed poisonous darts
of anger, spite, jealousy
so rampantly run
riot. Impaled, prisoner
to the acts of vengeance
be it physical or verbal.
SPACES…a retreat into
oneself, a healing needed.
Times of silence, aloneness
a selfish endeavor?,
For healing from within
our SPACE of recovery
a sacred act of determination
to overcome troubles of
heart, mind and soul.
SPACES….that ethereal
gift available to you
and me…the gift of
giving and recovery.
A journey of
enlightenment, peace, and thoughtful
For within us all there
doth reside a dormant
WARRIOR no one
can deny.
©️PSA 1/3/20.

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