Seasons of our lives
fondly I recall,
a love so unique,
my love, my all.
My rainbow, my
sunshine, my soulmate
we withered the storms
of life; husband, and wife,
lovers and friends.
Gifted bond shared
so unselfishly you
were and remain
my love for eternity, I truly proclaim.
Seeking, searching
for a love like ours,
there will never be
another who’d
steal my heart
as did thee.
Patiently I await
to be united with thee.
For love once tasted
and shared with thee
will always be
the fondest moments
in time to comfort me.
= In loving memory of Stephan, my first love, my husband, my lover, my friend. How I long to be reunited with thee. A love still flourishing although you passed on, my comfort in knowing what true love was and still remains today=
©️PSA 18/2/20.

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