Not always attentive

lucid thoughts evasive

might be. Forging on

in life roadblocks there be.

Foolishly cavorting in uncertainty,

minor mishaps and discrepancies

overlooked for the sake of humanity.

Words, actions no matter

how trival may seem

a lasting effect there be.

Choices, changes, challenges

faced daily. An invitation to

better oneself, retreat into

solitude the option available

to you and me. Addict to

mankinds sayings and doings

oft times forgetful of Who

silently resides with thee.

For in our discrepancies

we oft fail to perceive

the damaging effects

we condone in society.

Retreat, survival the only

salve to relieve the pain

and suffering readily dispensed,

burdens I lay at Your feet;

truthful intervention forever

there be; my Lord, my God

for eternity.  For in foolish

pride did I not perceive

all is not well as decreed?

Sojourn of healing,

sacred aloneness

be the all encompassing

sacredness to achieve.

Father, Saviour, Redeemer

and Friend…..

my Lord, my God till

the very end.

©️ PSA 30/6/20.

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