Affirmation, acceptance, adaptable.
Birth, climatisation,
TO.....growth, learning, loving
a smorgasboard of enlightenment,
encouragement; a few gifts
of humanity. Misfortune,
mishaps, meltdowns...
stepping stones OR 
barriers to what was not
meant to be. Laughter,
sorrow, ingredients
digested daily.
Dreams, ambitions at times an
unstable feat.
Temporary defeat YET
surrender not an option
considered. Upheavals,
unhappiness - negativity.
Warrior prepared for battle
in a war ravaged world.
Gifted blessings of
renewal,revival and release;
positivity a goal to strive for.
There be no defeat in this
A TO Z OF LIFE, I decree.
Twilight years readily advance,
peaceful meanderings on
events of the past.
Z.....everlasting rested peace;
a life journey at an end.
©PSA 30/6/20.

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