Birthed into a loving family,
siblings there be. Legacies of
love, faith, hope, tears and laughter
aplenty there be. Embracing life's 
detours an accomplished feat indeed.
Mesmerised meeting of melding hearts,
THE WINDING ROAD of life began anew.
Stepping stones of learning, loss, love
and many more. Gifted pleasures 
shared unconditionally, You and Me.
Hearts enriched thru' tender loving care,
hearts comforting respite; friend, lover
the exquisite fragrance of being alongside thee.
Detour of unimaginable loss, sadness and pain
severance of life doth remain.
Forlorn, a future bereft of thee,
dismal dehydration of mind, body
and soul. Onward journey of being,
sister, mother and friend traversing
THIS WINDING ROAD laid before me.
Wanting, waiting to be.....
the final destination, united at home
with thee.
©PSA 19/6/20.

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