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I am the true vine (John 15: 1)
KISS - perfume -women
FLOWER - beauty - nectar, source of food
LUSH GREEN OF THE FIELD- (picture in your mind) centre 
is a fragrant sweet smelling flower. The want to learn more about
the precious scene we admire. The sun (Christ) is the life giving
force and we yearn to know more about Him.
GOD - gardener - tends to the vine - be fruitful
BRANCHES - followers of Christ
FRUITFUL BRANCHES - true believers
UNPRODUCTIVE BRANCHES - separated - tossed aside
JESUS CHRIST is a Spiritual Vine - human form - support with the
Divine nature - grows in garden -blessed vine - Church
VINE - linked to branches - grace and mercy of Christ, we are
fed and receive His blessings
Christ bestows gifts and grace on all; we are warned not to be
egotistic in this regard. We are to remember that without the True Vine
(Christ) we will become worthless, wither and not grow in faith.
"I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. Every branch
that bears fruit, He prunes so that it will be more fruitful.
Is this not an affirmation of the most profound love ever?
Herein is the wonder and glory of our Heavenly Father. 
With the indwelling Holy Spirit's guidance we are drawn
nearer to Christ - receive His nourishment - drawn nearer to God -
pruning by God - He alone ( through our belief and faith)
absolves us of sin, gives respite from burdens we face
in life - so we do not stagnate but grow in love and faith
(become fruitful). The perfume of Christ's love enables
us to live a fruitful life of faith.
CONCLUSION: Faith in Christ (true vine), one with Christ.
FAITH: acknowledgement of the merits of Christ. 
We are to accept Christ as our source of nourishment in life, to praise, worship
and glorify Him forevermore ( Holy Nourishment).
©PSA 17/6/20.

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