Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Thy invaluablity

core ingredient

of DNA it be.

Artists palette

of alluring colors

there be.

Red velvet, passionate surprise

tender hue of sky blue

whitewashed white

purity of soul,

gemstone green

envy unfolds;

pink and purple

girlish delight

oh!, what a foretaste

what a delight.

Colours interwoven

always they be,

artistry of

finest decree.


the effervescent beauty

within doth remain

no matter how many

demons needed to

be slain.

= In times of hardships we question ourselves, our worthiness often denying ourselves the luxury of seeing the fantastic array of vibrant colors…the true essence of who we are. Beauty illuminated from within=

©️PSA 8/6/20.

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