LIFE: Warmth, security, loved…. where does it start? In the womb? a connection between mother and child? the fragile bond created; nourished by the mother, treasured gift she is carrying. Protected, secure and welcoming sense of excitement on the day of birth, welcoming your child into the world. A bond reinforced again, snugly wrapped God given gift. Newness of a baby….a treasure to remember forever. CHOICES: Advice given, or derision of you as a person. It is up to you what path in life you choose. Often in times we go with the flow, listen and put our trust, faith and hope in enriching our lives; to share with a partner, a friend, family or work colleague. Respect, truth and friendship just a few heartfelt feelings, meaningful gifts, a secure loving bond we all hold dear. = CHOICES made by you and I, respect, acceptance and understanding from all we sorely need= ©PSA 15/12/17.

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