• Aimlessly wandering, sluggish intent; torrential downpouring of despair and anguish. Continual showers of thunderous thoughts, a depleting onslaught of varying depths. Sheltering warmth, a comfort ; a seed of hope planted with tender loving ease. A heart intimately displayed, wounds tended thru’ encouraging words, a blessed salve of medicinal value. NEVER SAY NEVER…..

• = In the varying depths of despair and anguish, the cloying helplessness of the many storms we face in life, when all hope is lost – the comforting warmth of a person(s) loving care, i.e. attentive listening, words of encouragement and guidance….the tender loving seed of hope, planted; NEVER SAY NEVER, for there are those who care=

• ©PSA 29/1/19.

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