Uniquely different, downcast, soulful visage; shunned by peer pressure – beliefs, morals, status, ideals not ” the norm.” Insistently ridiculed, not of the accepted ” in crowd.” Materialistic idolisation, the trend of so called achievers. Spiteful behaviour, vanity, a blended cocktail of shallowness and vengeance. Shameful mockery of a person(s) outlook on life, downtrodden, bereft of emotions, the ongoing struggle of daily strife. A unique aura of beauty ; a gentle, passionate soul, fear not for thy ways and beliefs an added depth of heart, soul and mind, for there is ALWAYS ROOM…..depths of graceful redeeming pleasures in life , morals of unquestionable richness; a radiant beauty oft failed to recognise in a society intent on greed, corruption and vengeance. An acceptance, understanding and fellowship of caring of a safe haven of respite.

• ©PSA 26/3/19.

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