Safe havens of
Abundant peacefulness
Neglectful meanderings
Crippling destruction
There forever will be
Unsurpassed intent of malice
And greed so
Readily dispensed a
Yoke to wear, a cross to bare.
Empathy, compassion, a
listening ear, gifts so
treasurable to many
shunned through all
walks of life, a crime
in society. Helping hands,
purity of heart and intent;
a safeguarding of lesser
fortunate, a world
hell bent on corruptive
greed, hate and lack
of respect. Wars fought,
egotistical manoeuvres
of fame and fortune
the menu of daily strife;
walks of life… homeless,
war ravaged, abused,
addicts, members of
society their safe havens
from a desolate aridness
of hopeful intent.
©PSA 3/10/19.

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